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For several weeks, I was dealing with upset customers due to incomplete product registrations. Every day I’d receive emails from angry customers, who felt duped after not receiving the products they paid for.

No matter what I tried, at some point during the day and somewhere in the purchase process, somebody wouldn’t get registered, and the pleasantries (sarcasm) would begin. You cannot imagine the headache I had… until Bob from Happy Plugins emailed me about Wishlist Auto Registration

This plugin allows time to focus on enhancing our membership site, generating revenue and most importantly reducing headaches for myself and our customers.

If you have a membership site, Wishlist Auto Registration lets you register members automatically. For those of you already familiar with membership websites, it’s important to understand that Wishlist Auto Registration does not replace the functionality of another Happy Plugin, called Wishlist Member, as it is not a membership plugin, but only automates the registration process of Wishlist.

It is based on Wishlist Member and if you deactivate it, it won’t work because Wishlist Member does not register members automatically, members need to fill in a registration form and only then they’re registered, this is the reason Wishlist Auto Registration was developed.

What Can You Do With Wishlist Auto Registration?

Wishlist Auto Registration is a smart buy for all Wishlist customers! It will make the job of registering and managing new members much easier. You’ll be kicking yourself for not using Wishlist Auto Registration earlier.

Wishlist Auto Registration Settings

#1. Automatic Registration – Register Members In A Breeze

Why burden your users with long registration forms? With Wishlist Auto Registration, your members won’t fill in another long registration form again. Your website’s sign up process should be simple otherwise you’re going to turn people off.

#2. Quicker Registration 

Nobody wants to search their cluttered inbox for login details. With this plugin your members will be logged in automatically, as soon as they finish making their payment in the payment gateway. 

#3. Never Worry About Duplicate Registration Again

Each member account will be automatically upgraded using the same email they used in the payment gateway when they paid for their last membership.

#4. Avoid Incomplete Registrations

Manually creating accounts is such a drag and a waste of time. Wishlist Auto Registration will automatically register your members and create a username and password for them. 

#5. Increase Your Income

The less problems you have from a technical standpoint, the less time you will have to spend troubleshooting. By utilizing this plugin you’ll have a lot more time to concentrate on delivering value and enhancing profits.

#6. Increase The Engagement Of Your Members

A basic flow will lead to happier customers and an easier registration process. Your members will get their content faster, and that will increase satisfaction and engagement.

#7. Better Goal Tracking Stats

If you’re using Google Analytics for keeping track of your conversions, after setting your registration pages as goals, you will be aware of how many members registered. Wishlist Auto Registration automatically registers your members and makes sure they always land on the “after registration” page by registering them automatically. This will prevent inaccurate Analytics data (no duplicate or incomplete registrations).

I’m  being very serious when I say Wishlist Auto Registration makes everything about running a membership site simpler.

Here are a few more of its powerful features:

  • Supports Several Popular Shopping Carts - The core plugin will work with PayPal, and you can even purchase add-ons for the following shopping carts: eWay, Authorize.net, Pin Payments, 2CheckOut, 1ShoppingCart, InfusionSoft, and Clickbank.
  • Server Specs Checker - This plugin will check your server to make sure it has all the extensions to run Wishlist Auto Registration and to avoid serious problems when you’re using the plugin.
  • You Can Use Informative Shortcodes - The feature that lets you add shortcodes is really helpful. You can add shortcodes to the thank you page to show login details: password (automatically generated), last name, first name, receipt name, and even a personal message to the content box.

How it works:

When visitors click the buy button, they’ll be redirected to your chosen shopping cart. After completing the checkout process they’re redirected back to your site, but instead of filling out a long registration form, your members will be automatically registered and logged into the site. And all of the important login details will be displayed to them in a thank-you page via simple shortcodes.

The shortcodes details include:

  • Auto generated username and password
  • First and last name
  • Email
  • Membership level
  • Receipt number
  • Membership account status
  • And a custom message

To allow these details to appear all you need to do is copy and paste your shortcodes onto the thank you page. Setting up the auto-registration process is simple and easy. Wishlist Auto Registration plugin will appear under WL Extensions in the WordPress menu. Inside the settings tab you’ll be able to set the after registration page for each level or leave it at the default.

To activate the auto registration, just check the box of all of your relevant shopping carts and then click on the “save gateway” settings button to activate the auto registration immediately. WishList Auto Registration will register members to your membership site within seconds so you can finally say goodbye to long registration forms and time consuming registration problems!

Our Final Verdict

If you run a membership site, you need everything you can find to reduce the time spent actually managing your site. Your time is your most valuable asset, and you don’t want to spend it on mundane tasks doing tedious admin work.

If a digital store owner could create a wish-list of the most important time-saving things related to registration and payments, they would’ve come up with something very similar to Wishlist Auto Registration. 

It’s much more business-savvy to use plugins like this that save you time, as opposed to trying to manage everything yourself – for no good reason. Keeping better track of everything makes good businesses great. You need to know exactly how many users are successfully registering, and you need to make sure there are no duplicate registrations or headaches for the users or yourself.

Having accurate information helps you be a more informed business owner, and when you’re more informed, you can build your business more effectively. Running a membership site is more challenging than running an online store, and staying on top of real people and registrations definitely necessitates a plugin like this.

Wishlist Auto Registration has our vote. The only complaint I have, is that this plugin wasn’t developed sooner! If you have a membership feature on your website, you’ll absolutely want to install Wishlist Auto Registration sooner rather than later and you can grab your copy here.

-David Aston

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